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It’s undeniable that the ‘honeymoon’ period in any marriage is meant to end after a point. It becomes evident that sharing a life with a person requires a distinct set of skills. Inability to develop or harness these skills often results in couples struggling to establish a healthy and happy marriage life.

It should be noted that couples might need to rebuild their marital relationship at some point, which, indeed, is a challenge. Not knowing where to start is where the struggle begins.

Firstly, it’s okay to experience rough patches in married life. The real deal is how both partners tackle such differences. It can take days or months for couples to reach a point of reconciliation. But the fact is you should have the courage to acknowledge the problem. It’s only through acknowledging and accepting the problems that eventually you figure out a way to resolve the issues marring your union.

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Acknowledge the Problems

The first step toward repairing a relationship is to acknowledge the problems. It’s essential to identify the loopholes in your relationship. Know that you can only find solutions when you accept the existence of a crisis. It can help couples find common ground and encourage them to resolve the issues with consensus. Once the problems are identified, both partners can find ways to repair their troubled marriage.

Accept the Influence

Accepting your partner’s influence in a relationship can drastically help rebuild the relationship. Sometimes, it’s okay to amend the rules. You both may disagree on a certain point, but showing a bit of flexibility can help contain the situation. For starters, you can alter your plans to align with your partner’s wishes instead. It can allow you to look at things from your partner’s perspective. In some cases, it might also help develop a stronger bond between the two.


A lack of communication between partners leads to conflicts and misunderstandings. Remember, there’s nothing better than communication when it comes to rebuilding a strained relationship. Communication can help couples look at their problems through a new lens. It can provide solutions that they never knew existed. Partners can use communication to understand each other better, building a long-lasting relationship. Furthermore, couples can get rid of misunderstandings once they know each other better, thereby leading to a welcoming and fresh start.

Personal Space

Staying together all the time can turn out to be toxic for some couples. Both partners need to provide sufficient personal space to each other. It would help the couple to realize how much they both need each other. It can also play a pivotal role in developing a unique bond of intimacy.

By staying apart for some time, couples can clean up their minds and start working on their relationship. It can also allow individuals to pursue the passion and desires they have always wanted to achieve. In fact, a bit of distance can be beneficial for both partners.

Date Nights

Date nights can play a role in rebuilding a marriage; it might serve to rescue a deteriorating marriage. Many couples don’t realize that date nights can be a missing puzzle in their relationship. Couples often forget and fail to recall the golden moments that kept their relationship healthy during the honeymoon period of their marriage.

Planning weekly date nights can help couples keep the spark in their marital relationship. Things like fancy dinners and long drives might sound like a tale of the past. However, it can work wonders in making a marriage work long-term.


Do you ever feel that the spark your marriage life once enjoyed is no more? One possibility behind it can be the lack of intimacy between you two. Intimacy is something that can become a defining part of any marriage. It’s essential to understand that the true meaning of intimacy goes beyond physical relationships. Renowned relationship coach Arturo James Daly in his book 7 Secrets To What Makes Love Last, empathizes with the importance of an intimate relationship.

Arturo states:

“Approaching intimacy the same way each time is going to lead to your partner getting bored and uninterested anymore. This will certainly cause the relationship to get stale if you’re not trying to change things up from time to time”.

The definition of intimacy can differ for each couple. Some might find it in behavioral changes, and it can be physical for others. Partners must get as intimate as possible to prevent the marriage from being derailed. It might help married couples find new ways of loving each other.


Marriage is a two-way street, and it takes effort and commitment from both ends. Partners must find the will to fight and overcome the obstacles that exist in their relationship. The time it would take for a relationship to work might vary, but not giving up is the trick. 

If nothing works, couples can always turn to options like marriage counseling and marriage therapy. There have been many cases where talking to someone neutral has helped couples rebuild their marital union.

In addition, many relationship books can provide couples a chance to introspect their relationship. You can always head to a bookstore and grab a relationship-centric book that might help you find a solution to your problems.

Are you suffering from a trembling marriage? If yes, Arturo James Daly’s 7 Secrets To What Makes Love Last can save the day for you. The book can provide you with a chance to introspect your marital relationship. It can help you gather the courage to acknowledge the issues becoming a hurdle between you two.

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