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The first year of marriage is crucial for both partners. It’s the year when you both are trying to figure things out. The relationship therapists label the 1st year as “the year of wet cement.” It’s because partners are trying to fit into their surroundings as married couples.

The first year of marriage is when you need to continue your relationship with delicacy to avoid early conflicts. Couples must use this time to decide their future expectations from each other. It’s crucial to build a roadmap and discuss things beforehand to avoid any problems from surfacing in the future.  

The reality is that partners become a couple to live the rest of their lives together, called - marriage life. People often struggle to decide on a path they want to adopt. However, building a relationship based on trust and responsibility can help couples enjoy a blissful marriage.

The first year of marriage provides a golden opportunity for couples to introspect on their behaviors. It can help them build a stronger bond by rectifying their shortcomings. Married couples must learn to compromise. It can help prevent any miscommunications and the possibility of suffering from distress on a collective level.

This blog will discuss tips that can help you thrive through the first year of your marriage.

Start Listening

One thing that most of us ignore or fail to do is to listen to what the other person has to say. Listening to your partner can help strengthen the bond. It’s essential to understand their behavior and try fixing things that bother them. Couples should realize that it’s crucial to let their partner address their concerns in the initial days. It can help you both prevent future quarrels that might sabotage your union.

Learn to Give Importance

Marriage is something that goes beyond giving importance to each other. To lead a happy married life, you need to value everything and everyone related to your partner. For instance, it’s a good start to recognize your partner’s immediate and extended family as your own. It would help you build a stronger bond with them and their loved ones. It also helps build mutual respect and strengthens the bonds between the couples.

Keeping Up with Romance

Before you are married, romance is one thing that continues to nourish between you two. The successful approach requires keeping the spirit alive even after being together for life. Many people often forget that keeping up with romance can make your love feel young. Young couples should invest time in the relationship by frequently planning date nights and creating opportunities to have quality time together. One should know that romance contains all kinds of magic. You can fix things by extending a small gesture of love toward your partner.


Communication is the key to sustaining a healthy relationship. Sometimes, all it takes is to be there for your partner. Communication is a secret mantra that can mend the long-forgotten wounds and help you rebuild your relationship. By becoming a bridge of emotion for your partner, you can help them carry themselves and come closer to you. In addition, communication has the power to help overcome many issues you thought weren’t fixable. In case you face a situation with no light at the end of the tunnel, then the best way to save your marriage is by the tool of communication. So communication is the answer to your question of what can save my marriage.


Encouragement is one thing that every partner expects from their better half. You both can build a system where you can be a source of encouragement for your partner. This would help them live their dreams by acting as a crucial contributor to navigating a happy life. It would provide them the courage to walk through the bumpy roads in the relationship with ease. In short, encouragement is a factor that can help you both become a medium of strength for each other.


More important than the length of your relationship is mutual intimacy that has the power to come to the rescue every time your married life is in trouble. Couples should know that the true meaning of intimacy goes beyond physical relationships. The definition of intimacy might differ for everyone. It merely depends on the dynamics of the relationship. For some, intimacy might be about sharing little moments, and some might think intimacy is about sex. What remains constant is the importance of intimacy that should never end. Relationship coach Arturo James Daly in his book 7 Secrets To What Makes Love Last, argues that you need to carry the intimacy in your relationship in ways that your partner wouldn’t feel unloved or replaced at any point.


Young couples need time to understand the true importance of marriage. However, it’s crucial to know that you need to see it as a two-way road to sustain a healthy relationship. It’s unfortunate to see marriage as a partnership where all that matters is to receive. In reality, the true meaning of marriage lies realizing what you can offer?

The first year of your married life can be a turning point in your relationship. It’s better to let go of the past and look ahead to a fresh start. Most importantly, it’s essential to let go and forgive the shortcomings of your better half. Only then will you be able to reap the fruits of a happy married life.

For assistance regarding married life in the initial days, you can always turn to a relationship counselor. Relationship books can help in the first 365 days of your marriage. You can grab a book or two from the bookstore and reflect on your life as a married couple.

If you want to read a book to help save your marriage, then Arturo James Daly’s book 7 Secrets To What Makes Love Last is for you. Arturo provides an in-depth insight on how you can mend your over-the-edge married life and make a fresh start.

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